Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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GUI mouse tracker

New GUI fuctionality for Bela!

Is this project you can find a sketch.js file which is a p5.js file that is rendered in a browser tab. Click the GUI button (next to the Scope button) in the IDE to see the rendering of this file.

This example receives a buffer of data from the GUI with the X-Y coordinates of the mouse (normalised to the size of the window). The Y axis controls the pitch of an oscillator while the X axis controls L/R panning. In order to receive a buffer from the GUI, the type of the buffer and maximum number of values that it will hold need to be specified in setup: `myGUi.setBuffer('f', 2);`

In this case we are expecting to receive a buffer of floats with a maximum of 2 elements. This function will return the index of the buffer (which is given automatically based on the order they are set on). This buffer will have index = 0. The buffer can then be accessed using this index: DataBuffer buffer = myGui.getDataBuffer(0);

And its contents retrieved in the desired format (floats in this case): float* data = buffer.getAsFloat();

Additionally, two One-pole low pass filters are used to smooth the values read from the GUI and avoid glitches.

If you want to edit sketch.js you can do so in the browser but must write your p5.js code in instance mode.