Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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Spi_Codec Member List

This is the complete list of members for Spi_Codec, including all inherited members.

CODEC_TYPE enum name (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
disable() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecinlinevirtual
dumpRegisters() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
initCodec() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecvirtual
MASTER_CODEC enum value (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
masterIsDetected() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
readRegister(unsigned char reg, CODEC_TYPE codec=MASTER_CODEC) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
reset() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecvirtual
setADCVolume(int halfDbSteps) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecinlinevirtual
setDACVolume(int halfDbSteps) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecvirtual
setHPVolume(int halfDbSteps) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecinlinevirtual
setPga(float newGain, unsigned short int channel) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecinlinevirtual
SLAVE_CODEC enum value (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
slaveIsDetected() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
Spi_Codec(const char *spidev_gpio_cs0, const char *spidev_gpio_cs1, bool isVerbose=false) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
startAudio(int dummy_parameter=0) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecvirtual
stopAudio() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codecvirtual
writeRegister(unsigned char reg, unsigned char value, CODEC_TYPE codec=MASTER_CODEC) (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec
~AudioCodec() (defined in AudioCodec)AudioCodecinlinevirtual
~Spi_Codec() (defined in Spi_Codec)Spi_Codec