Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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McaspRegisters Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint32_t pdir
uint32_t rmask
uint32_t rfmt
uint32_t afsrctl
uint32_t aclkrctl
uint32_t ahclkrctl
uint32_t rtdm
uint32_t xmask
uint32_t xfmt
uint32_t afsxctl
uint32_t aclkxctl
uint32_t ahclkxctl
uint32_t xtdm
uint32_t srctln
uint32_t wfifoctl
uint32_t rfifoctl
uint32_t mcaspOutChannels
uint32_t outSerializersDisabledSubSlots

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