Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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Trill Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Trill:

Public Types

enum  Modes { NORMAL = 0, RAW = 1, BASELINE = 2, DIFF = 3 }
enum  Devices { NONE = 0, ONED = 1, TWOD = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 Trill (int i2c_bus, int i2c_address, int mode)
int setup (int i2c_bus=1, int i2c_address=0x18, int mode=NORMAL)
int setup (int i2c_bus, int i2c_address, int mode, int threshold, int prescaler)
void cleanup ()
bool isReady ()
int updateBaseLine ()
int prepareForDataRead ()
int readI2C ()
int readLocations ()
int deviceType ()
int firmwareVersion ()
int getMode ()
int identify ()
void printDetails ()
int numSensors ()
int setMode (uint8_t mode)
int setScanSettings (uint8_t speed, uint8_t num_bits=12)
int setPrescaler (uint8_t prescaler)
int setNoiseThreshold (uint8_t threshold)
int setIDACValue (uint8_t value)
int setMinimumTouchSize (uint16_t size)
int numberOfTouches ()
int numberOfHorizontalTouches ()
int touchLocation (uint8_t touch_num)
int touchSize (uint8_t touch_num)
int touchHorizontalLocation (uint8_t touch_num)
int touchHorizontalSize (uint8_t touch_num)
- Public Member Functions inherited from I2c
int initI2C_RW (int bus, int address, int file)
int closeI2C ()

Public Attributes

int rawData [kNumSensors]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from I2c
int i2C_bus
int i2C_address
int i2C_file

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