Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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BelaContextSplitter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 BelaContextSplitter (unsigned int in=1, unsigned int out=1, const BelaContext *context=nullptr)
int setup (unsigned int in, unsigned int out, const BelaContext *context)
int push (const BelaContext *inContext)
BelaContextpop ()
void cleanup ()
BelaContextgetContext ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool contextEqual (const InternalBelaContext *ctx1, const InternalBelaContext *ctx2)
static void contextCopy (const InternalBelaContext *src, InternalBelaContext *dst)
static void contextCopyData (const InternalBelaContext *src, InternalBelaContext *dst)
static void contextAllocate (InternalBelaContext *ctx)
static bool test ()

Member Function Documentation

int BelaContextSplitter::setup ( unsigned int  in,
unsigned int  out,
const BelaContext context 

Initialize the object. The #in and #out parameters will determine the frames ratio between the input context (passsed through push(), and of which a template has to be provided here as #context), and the output contexts (retrieved via pop()) The output contexts will have a frame count that is #out/#in the ones of the input contexts.

inhow many input contexts are needed to create 1 output context
outhow many output contexts
contexta template input context. F
One of #in or #out has to be 1.
Calls to push() will have to pass a BelaContext which is compatible (same number of channels) with the one passed here
0 on success, an error code otherwise.
int BelaContextSplitter::push ( const BelaContext inContext)

Add a context for processing.

inContextthe context to process. This has to have the same number of I/O channels as the one passed to setup()
BelaContext* BelaContextSplitter::pop ( )

Retrieve an output BelaContext, if there is one available.

a pointer to a BelaContext, or null if there is none available.
BelaContext* BelaContextSplitter::getContext ( )

Return one of the output contexts, initialised, but containing invalid data.

static void BelaContextSplitter::contextCopy ( const InternalBelaContext src,
InternalBelaContext dst 

Copy context by allocating memory as necessary.

static void BelaContextSplitter::contextCopyData ( const InternalBelaContext src,
InternalBelaContext dst 

Copy context data between two pre-allocated contexts. The caller has to ensure that the number of analog, audio and digital frames and channels has to be the same between the two contexts.

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