Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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Biquad Class Reference

#include <Biquad.h>

Inheritance diagram for Biquad:
BiquadCoeffT< double > BiquadCoeff

Public Member Functions

 Biquad (const Settings &s)
sample_t process (sample_t in)
void clean ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BiquadCoeffT< double >
 BiquadCoeffT (const Settings &settings)
int setup (const Settings &settings)
void setType (Type type)
void setQ (sample_t Q)
void setFc (sample_t Fc)
void setPeakGain (sample_t peakGainDB)
Type getType ()
sample_t getQ ()
sample_t getFc ()
sample_t getPeakGain ()

Protected Attributes

sample_t z1 = 0
sample_t z2 = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from BiquadCoeffT< double >
typedef double sample_t
- Public Types inherited from BiquadCoeff
enum  Type {
  lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch,
  peak, lowshelf, highshelf
- Public Attributes inherited from BiquadCoeffT< double >
sample_t a0
sample_t a1
sample_t a2
sample_t b1
sample_t b2

Detailed Description

A class to process biquad filters.

These filters use double data types internally.

Audio/record-audio/render.cpp, and Gui/frequency-response/render.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

sample_t Biquad::process ( sample_t  in)

Process one input sample and return one output sample.

void Biquad::clean ( )

Reset the internal state of the filter to 0;

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