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JSONValue Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 JSONValue (const wchar_t *m_char_value)
 JSONValue (const std::wstring &m_string_value)
 JSONValue (bool m_bool_value)
 JSONValue (double m_number_value)
 JSONValue (int m_integer_value)
 JSONValue (const JSONArray &m_array_value)
 JSONValue (const JSONObject &m_object_value)
 JSONValue (const JSONValue &m_source)
bool IsNull () const
bool IsString () const
bool IsBool () const
bool IsNumber () const
bool IsArray () const
bool IsObject () const
const std::wstring & AsString () const
bool AsBool () const
double AsNumber () const
const JSONArray & AsArray () const
const JSONObject & AsObject () const
std::size_t CountChildren () const
bool HasChild (std::size_t index) const
JSONValueChild (std::size_t index)
bool HasChild (const wchar_t *name) const
JSONValueChild (const wchar_t *name)
std::vector< std::wstring > ObjectKeys () const
std::wstring Stringify (bool const prettyprint=false) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static JSONValueParse (const wchar_t **data)


class JSON

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