Real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing system for BeagleBone Black
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UdpClient Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 UdpClient (int aPort, const char *aServerName)
bool setup (int aPort, const char *aServerName)
void cleanup ()
void setPort (int aPort)
void setServer (const char *aServerName)
int send (void *message, int size)
int write (const char *remoteHostname, int remotePortNumber, void *sourceBuffer, int numBytesToWrite)
int waitUntilReady (bool readyForReading, int timeoutMsecs)
int setSocketBroadcast (int broadcastEnable)

Member Function Documentation

void UdpClient::setPort ( int  aPort)

Sets the port.

Sets the port on the destination server.

aPortthe destineation port.
void UdpClient::setServer ( const char *  aServerName)

Sets the server.

Sets the IP address of the destinatioon server.

aServerNamethe IP address of the destination server
int UdpClient::send ( void *  message,
int  size 

Sends a packet.

Sends a UPD packet to the destination server on the destination port.

messageA pointer to the location in memory which contains the message to be sent.
sizeThe number of bytes to be read from memory and sent to the destination.
the number of bytes sent or -1 if an error occurred.

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